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But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. (Luke 2:19)

Each day, our minds are full of things to think about…what we will have for dinner, projects that are before us, someone is sick or hurting, world events, etc. It’s amazing all the things that our mind can hold and process. Studies show that we use a very small portion of our mind…about 10% at most times. There is greater potential for us if we choose to stretch our minds.

Of course, whatever affects our minds affects our hearts, too. What we choose to fill our minds with is what we choose in which to fill our hearts. Mary treasured the things God was doing in her life and around her…and pondered on them. She chose the things of God to fill her mind and heart. She lived her life in response to these treasures. What are some of the things we treasure in our mind and heart?

Prayer: Lord, you are more precious than silver or gold as the song says. May we treasure all that you are doing in our lives and around us…ponder on them like the treasure they are…and live out our lives in response to them.

Faith tip: Make a conscious effort today to take some time and ponder on the goodness of God. Step away from something else that you have been filling your mind with that is not treasure.