Wisdom may bring sorrow

English: Cute coffee.

English: Cute coffee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For with much wisdom comes much sorrow;
the more knowledge, the more grief. – Ecclesiastes 1:18

Ahhhh … the comforts of life. We all know what gives us peace and makes us happy. For me, and this will come as a big surprise to many of you, is a fresh-brewed cup of coffee. I love the smell, the warmth in my hands, the taste and the bit of alertness it gives me. It paints a wonderful picture of relaxing and enjoying life to me.

If I look closer, I see there is a lot more behind the coffee that brings me pleasure. There is someone who is picking it. Are they hired or a slave? I have no idea. To tell you the truth, if I find out that the pleasure I am enjoying came as the cost of someone being enslaved and perhaps abused, that brings me grief. In learning the possibility, I have a choice to make. Do I ignore the learning given or do I bring it to light and make a change to my comforts?

God grants wisdom if we ask for it. He wants us to be enlightened … to see what he sees … for our hearts to break when his does.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for the pleasures you give us in life. I pray that what brings me pleasure does not come at a cost for someone else. May the grief of wisdom bring me closer to following you in doing the right thing. Amen

Faith Tip: Ignorance is not bliss. Seek wisdom from God who is so faithful.


English: This is an example of the angst cause...

English: This is an example of the angst caused by the use of a telephone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Among my people are the wicked 
    who lie in wait like men who snare birds
    and like those who set traps to catch people. – Jeremiah 5:26

I really get annoyed when I get numerous phone calls from scammers. The latest one had my name and bank name and almost sounded authentic. I’m glad I didn’t give them any account information because I did call the bank afterwards and found out it was fraudulent. I don’t understand how people can do this to others, but obviously it is a reflection of their lack of relationship with God. If they realized how much God hates this and loves them, I think it would stop.

As Christians we do need to be wise in our interactions with people. God has plenty of wisdom to share among us, all we need to do is ask for it. He gives generously from his stock. King Solomon asked for wisdom and he was considered the wisest man on earth. Whose knowledge should we depend on … our own or Gods?

Prayer: You are the creator of wisdom, Lord, and I pray that I can wise in all I do today. Guide and direct me to the plans set forth for me. Amen

Faith Tip: Begin the day asking for wisdom before anything happens. If things happen, ask for more wisdom to maneuver through it.