The national debt clock outside the IRS office...

The national debt clock outside the IRS office in NYC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And forgive us our debts, 
   as we also have forgiven our debtors. – Matthew 6:12

I heard those words that we have all heard at one time or another, “I owe you one.” I was to meet with someone, but communication didn’t get through to everyone as happens many times, so I went and they didn’t. The person who set up this meeting felt they owed me something for my inconvenience. 

Whether it is a meeting not kept, a lunch bought for someone, or some other “indebtedness” situation where one feels like they need to payback something to the other, the sense of owing is well known by many. There’s a belief that if someone does something for you, you need to do something for them. That adds a price tag to good deeds.

When Christ paid for our sin, it was the ultimate price paid. There is nothing we can do to payback this action. Our debt of sin was paid in full … free and clear. While there is no repayment plan in place, we can respond to Jesus’ sacrifice to forgive us by forgiving others … no matter what. That’s what the Lord did for us. We did not deserve forgiveness, but he forgave us all anyway. We can pay it forward.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, your forgiveness for me helps me realize that I am to forgive others. There is no one on earth that doesn’t need your grace. I pray the grace you have shown me will be reflected on others as I dispense grace unto them. Amen

Faith Tip: Is there someone you need to give grace and forgiveness to?