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The book of Psalms is a tapestry of thought-provoking prayers, songs of joy and praise and lament, wisdom, prophecy, history, and beautiful poetry. As they point us to the Lord, our Rock and Redeemer, these prayer letters to God help us understand the human condition and what God can accomplish for us and through us.

As we look into psalms of wisdom, lament, trust, grace and mercy, thanksgiving, kingship, and praise, we’ll grow to know God more, discern true wisdom, and rise to new levels of worship and praise.


Shop Til You Drop Kathy Bruins Christian Author SpeakerShop ‘Til You Drop by Kathy Bruins

Shop ‘Til You Drop is an interactive drama that all ages can be involved in. People busily shop at Miracle Mall looking for the perfect Christmas gift. Different situations arise at the mall that are both humorous and heart touching. Share the Christmas message with those who are searching to know what Christmas is really all about.

Acts of Grace coverThe Acts of Grace by Kathy Bruins and Michael Beukema

For those who are new to drama or have experience, The Acts of Grace is a powerful tool for any drama ministry that desires growth spiritually, artistically, and relationally. A dozen thought provoking Christian scripts, inspired by the Word of God, to communicate God’s message in a manner that is identifiable to people’s lives. Through the use of these dramas, you bring the audience into the situations portrayed by the drama team, and allow the Holy Spirit’s guidance through the message of both the drama and the pastor to help answer the tough questions of life.

Everyday Grace Kathy Bruins Christian AuthorEveryday Grace Everyday Miracle. Living the Life you were born to Live by Lorna Owens (Kathy is a contributing writer)

Everyday Grace Everyday Miracle shares the story of a remarkable woman who successfully remade her life in the midst of adversityand who now leads women and men in their larger lives. Other profoundly inspiring stories come from men and women around the world who connects readers to a life-changing truth-that everyday experiences are full of gifts from God.

Secure the Fort Kathy Bruins Christian Author SpeakerSecure the Fort by Lucy A. Cain (Kathy is a contributing writer)

What started as a book of military themed devotions, Secure the Fort has turned into so much more. God has opened doors and provided more than thirty contributing authors who have expressed their stories of faith, patriotic poetry, and gripping experiences with such generosity it has humbled this author’s heart. I am simply amazed at how these stories have all intertwined and fit together like a glove.
When God Steps In Kathy Bruins Christian Author SpeakerWhen God Steps in: Stories of Everyday Grace 
by Bonnie Bruno (Kathy is a contributing writer)

When God Steps In: Stories of Everyday Grace offers a close-up look at what can happen when we slow the pace and allow God to speak peace to our hearts. Borrowed from the pages of real lives, these fifty true stories will encourage you to recognize sacred interruptions and to grow not in spite of, but because of them.