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After reading this book, one would feel that they had just attended the best social media conference.  Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt brings an organized simplicity to what is often thought of as overwhelming. The layout of the book alone gives confidence in understanding the how-to procedures of maximizing the reader’s potential in constructing their platform. Each chapter is kept short and the use of numbering and bullets breaks up the deluge of information into nice bite-size pieces.

Hyatt understands the need for platforms in today’s technical world, as well as the fear experienced by those who are new to social media. Confidence will be achieved by reading this book along with the desire to get started in “getting noticed.” The reader will know that they can do this.

The WOW factor is explained and described in this book as 10 elements or characteristics of a WOW platform. Platform definitely fits the criteria of WOW. Mediocre is no longer good enough … the product, service, etc. that is being shared must pop.

This book is refreshingly honest about what works and doesn’t work. The author includes mistakes that he has made and shares the lessons learned.  Michael Hyatt’s whole career has been centered on the publishing business, and he has a multitude of experience to share.

On May 21-May 25, you can order your copy and receive a bonus gift at This resource will stay with you as long as you have platforms to build.




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