A Speaker’s Journey: Listening and Sharing

Listen to Kathy share her breast cancer testimony on Grace Cafe at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cwa-radio/2011/10/10/grace-cafe

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As others can attest, there is a myriad of experiences in the speaking ministry. I love to share my heart and what I believe God has given me to share with others for the purpose of encouraging them on their journey. This blog will be dedicated to all speakers in sharing what I have learned, my experiences, and God’s word of encouragement.

My speaking journey began some years ago when I was leader of some ministry or another at my church. There would be times and events that I would have to speak in front of everyone. This was difficult for me back then and I would get so nervous that I would have to take a nap that afternoon after speaking. It took everything out of me. The more experience I got, the better it became for me and my nerves. I am happy to report that I am comfortable … and may I say even enjoy the experience of speaking now. Yes, God still does miracles today, and here I am as an example.

In connecting with high school friends online that see I speak, they comment that they didn’t even know I talked at all. In high school, I was so shy, just reading in front of the class terrified me. I would always have this continual catch in my throat that I couldn’t seem to clear out. It was bad.

So I understand the terror of speaking in front of others, and perhaps that is a good thing as I share some of my journey with you. I pray that you will be blessed and encouraged by this blog to speak out for God.

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