Lifetime guarantee and more

English: Three huge tires on a flatbed truck -...

English: Three huge tires on a flatbed truck – cc-by-2.0 on Flickr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sky and the earth won’t last forever, but my words will. – Matthew 24:35

Today I will be buying some very needed new tires. I want them to last forever, but I know they are limited and will eventually wear out. There are other things in my life I would like to have for a long time such as cars, house, husband, dog (well, maybe…), but I know all of these things have a limit. They will eventually wear out just like my body will one day wear out. That’s the cycle of life.

While all things in heaven and on earth will eventually wear out, it’s comforting to know God will still be there. The good news is that all followers of Jesus will be there, too … alive and well for eternity. No more pain from draining experiences of life. Everyday will be the best and our brand new bodies will stay brand new … forever.

Prayer: Lord, I praise you for the secure future I have in you. Forgive me when I focus on things in life that have an expiration date when I could be looking at you. Amen

Faith Tip: Concentrate today on what will last forever.

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