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sunrise (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

At that time you will say,
Our Lord, we are thankful,
and we worship only you.
We will tell the nations
how glorious you are
and what you have done.” – Isaiah 12:4

I remember going to a conference that had so many wonderful dynamics that I couldn’t wait to tell people about it. The worship was awesome, speakers informative and inspiring, workshops helpful, and the networking priceless. Spreading the news about this conference will encourage others to attend and enjoy what I have.

God has done so many miraculous things in our lives that we need to tell others about him. Especially those who are looking for hope and haven’t had a refreshing drink for their soul for a long time. They need to hear about God who loves them and cares about what they are going through. Throw them a rope of hope by telling of the power of the One who created them and will never let them go.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for the great things you have done in my life. I pray that I can spread the news about all you do and encourage others to experience your wonder. Amen

Faith Tip: Has God done something for you today? Share it with another.


6 thoughts on “Share your experience

  1. This is why pure-hearted, wholehearted praise is so important as i spoke of before. Because without praise there is no presence, and without presence there is no worship. Tragically, this is exactly what happens week after week after week in thousands of churches all over the world. Many churches have not experienced genuine worship in years. They follow the same format every week, sing the same hymns or praise and worship songs the same way all the time, hear the same kinds of powerless prayers and the same insipid sermons every week, and the spirit is as dead as a doornail because their heart is no longer in it. Sad to say that this is true not only in many “mainline” churches, but in many evangelical and Pentecostal/charismatic churches as well.

  2. When you read all of the above verses one right after the other, you can really feel the power there is if you can learn how to worship the Lord with some level of intensity. But again, for those of you who are just not there yet, do not get discouraged or dismayed because you cannot worship as freely or as intensely as some of the other people around you may be doing in a church service. God will be looking at your heart on all of this, not at how you compare with all of the other people around you.

    • Thank you for all your great comments and encouraging words! I didn’t see them at first because they went to my spam folder. They are all approved now and I am sure will encourage others. Blessings!

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