A sheltered life

Lake Michigan Storm

Lake Michigan Storm (Photo credit: Tom Gill (lapstrake))

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. – Psalm 91:1

It’s been very windy and at times stormy where I live. I am thankful for that because the heat and humidity has been high. The weather in Michigan can change quickly as a new storm comes across Lake Michigan. I feel safe from challenging weather in my home. My house is surrounded by trees, so even if the wind picks up a lot, there is shelter.

God is also a shelter for us from the storms of life. His arms of grace surround us to keep us from falling when the days turn dark and scary. He lifts us up so that we will not drown from the floods of manmade chaos. We can experience true peace from the cool shadow of Jesus. Going to the shelter and trusting it gives us hope that the Son will shine again soon.

Prayer: Jesus, you are my shelter for whatever life gives me. I pray that I always turn to you when I hear thunder announcing another storm coming. Amen

Faith Tip: What storms are you experiencing now? What shelter have you chosen to trust?

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