Turn, turn, turn

White dogwood

White dogwood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The grass withers and the flowers fall,
    but the word of our God endures forever. ” – Isaiah 40:8

As I watch the rain this morning and hear the thunder, it reminds me of how things always change. The seasons create new environments in which to adapt as the beautiful dogwood that was in full bloom last week is starting to fade. I am reminded that things don’t stay the same.

Perhaps you have experienced change in your life recently. Maybe you have lost a loved one, had a job change, or are experiencing a health crisis. These types of changes are just a tiny example of all the change that happens in the world. Not that they are less important, but are part of a whole world of change. 

Change is hard for many of us and if we focus on those things that do change, we may feel like nothing is for sure in our life. However, if we turn our eyes on God, we find a steady and firm foundation that never changes. We can rely on the word of the Lord for it is truth that lives throughout eternity. 

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for your word that I can hold on to in every circumstance. It does not change as you do not change. I pray that I seek your word for all I need. Amen

Faith Tip: Read some of the unchanging promises God has given you today.

One thought on “Turn, turn, turn

  1. Thank you for your post, Kathy. Yes, it’s wonderful to know that in a world of changes, we serve a God who never changes. What a comfort.

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