Feeling tempted today?

And lead us not into temptation,
   but deliver us from the evil one. – Matthew 6:13

Have you ever been tempted? That sounds like a really silly question, because we know that we have all been tempted by one thing or another. Just last night, I was tempted to eat a strawberry tart. I ate it. But then I can rationalize it by thinking, Well, at least I didn’t have the chocolate cherry cake ala mode. It was busy yesterday running from one appointment to another, so because of stress and the relaxing benefits of this dessert, I can indulge.  Creating excuses has never been a problem for me.

The truth is temptation surrounds us all the time … it’s not hard to find. The bigger truth is that God has provided for us a way out … if we choose to take it. The strength of God is more powerful than the pull of temptation. The power we plug into, God’s or our own, will make the difference in our delivery.

Prayer: Lord, your power in me is more than the power of the world. I pray that I choose to connect with your power rather than my own. That is how I will experience success. Amen

Faith Tip: Next time you are tempted, and it could be any minute, pray and read God’s word.

2 thoughts on “Feeling tempted today?

  1. Cute post, Kathy. I can almost feel myself right there beside you. And I can also identify with giving in to temptation, and then trying to explain it away to myself. Especially when I don’t ask for help from the temptation.

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