Holy, Holy, Holy

Gustave Dore's interpretation of the prophetes...

Gustave Dore's interpretation of the prophetess Deborah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, – Matthew 6:9

I have used Deborah from Judges 4 as an example of priorities. Reading through the Scripture one day, it struck me how she was described. She was a prophet, wife and judge. To me, it looked like a listing of her priorities. 

In being a prophet, her number one priority was her relationship with God. She sought God and in doing so was given much wisdom. That’s why the people came to her as a judge to help them sort their problems out. God used her mightily for her devotion to him.

We should be conscious of our deep love and respect for God and all that he stands for. There are none like him; therefore, he is holy and all that he does is holy. Do we keep his name holy in our hearts and minds as we live life on a daily basis?

Prayer: Holy God, you are worthy of being kept holy throughout my being. I pray that today I may be a reflection of your holiness. Amen

Faith Tip: Reflect on the holiness of God and what that means to you.

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