Finding the Right Way to Go

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     “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it. – Matthew 7:13-14

I remember years ago being in a meeting where the leaders were giving a team building exercise. Perhaps you have heard of it. We would pretend that one person from the small group I was in had to be sacrificed. Each of us were given roles of who we were and what we did in life, so by these “measures,” we had to choose who would be the most expendable. I refused to choose. I realize it was just an exercise, but I wanted to show that each person had great value to God and who was I to say who should be sacrificed? God is the only one who knows the plan for each of us.

Some of the people in my group were a little frustrated with me, but as I shared about my reasoning, they began to understand … and some even agreed. When our group shared our answer, we were told we were copping out, but I just looked at the group and smiled in encouragement that we did the right thing.

There is a lot of pressure not following the crowd. Life would be easier, wouldn’t it, if everyone agreed on everything? But there are things in this world that are not right and to stand against them sometimes leaves us standing alone. I encourage you that you are not standing alone … Jesus is there.

Prayer: Lord, I love how you always are there with me, especially when I am feeling alone, your presence is felt even more. I pray that I not fear squeezing through the narrow gate when it is not popular. All for you, Lord! Amen

Faith Tip: Today if you are given opportunity to show what is right and true rather than what is popular, I encourage you to be strong. There may be someone else who needs to see this and follow.

One thought on “Finding the Right Way to Go

  1. Kathy, I’m missing your daily influences. Once again, your writing is uplifting.

    I was accused of being stubborn when I simply encouraged and led children to do their best and have fun learning. I was considered a failure though I led one student from beginning test score of .04 percent to .40 percent on her retest near the end of the year. Several others ended up at 52-60 percent. who started out in the twenty -thirty percents. I was told to listen and don’t interrupt as I was lectured for an hour what a great teacher her mother was. She didn’t tolerate any talking in class. It sounded like 1940s style classes I went through.

    In that same class, two girls each wrote and illustrated a book I sent to get published from a classroom kit
    I was blessed with a few parents who recognized my efforts. It is amazing how a few affirmations can keep the spirit alive to do the best as God gives the inspiration. It helped to have Christian radio devotions on the way to teach.
    One school aide asked me how I could be so happy with so much going wrong. Later I realized two things: I didn’t take this opportunity to share my confidence in Jesus. And secondly, it astounded me that she would know the problems I was having.

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