God Surprises

Ribbon Candy

Image by cjggbella via Flickr

Open my eyes that I may see 
wonderful things in your law. – Psalm 119:18

Last night, my sister gave me a wrapped Christmas gift. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but to start out the season, she wanted to give me this fun gift. I wondered what it could be and opened it to find one of my favorite treats … ribbon candy. We opened the box and broke off a few pieces as we were listening to Christmas music. It was fun and such a nice surprise. It made me feel special.

The gifts that God has for us are wrapped up in the Scriptures. As we read and pray for illumination, our eyes are open to the truth that God has meant for us. Digging into the verses allows more of the gift to be experienced. It was meant just for you at that moment. Doesn’t that make you feel special?

Prayer: Lord, I thank you for the many gifts you have given to me throughout my days. I pray that I unwrap them and use them to your glory. Amen

Faith Tip: Take some time to unwrap the gifts God has for you today in his word.

1 thought on “God Surprises

  1. John 10:10 tells us that He came so that we may have life more abundantly.
    I enjoyed that today as I shared conversation over lunch, then went to a movie with a friend.

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