Simon Says

The Bible

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Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children – Ephesians 5:1

In the game of Simon Says, the way to win is to be the best imitator of the person who is Simon. Whatever they do, you must copy, but only if they say, “Simon says.” If Simon doesn’t say to do something and you do it, you are out of the game. It gets harder to follow as the directions with and without the Simon says go faster. It takes focus to listen carefully to win at this game.

Imitating God is very similar. We must listen carefully to see if God says for us to do something or not. One way to check on if it was God is to read the Bible. If we hear from God, it will line up with what is in His Word. If God didn’t say it, we are out of alignment with God’s purposes.

Jesus gave us many examples of imitating Him in the Bible. He showed love to many, prayed for them, healed them, fed them, and more. Jesus showed us how to love others. He also showed us how to love God by spending time with Him and offering Himself for kingdom purposes. He also said he watched for what God was doing so that He could follow and obey Him. These are all things that we can do to stay on the winning track of God’s will.

Prayer: Thank you, God, for the many examples of ways I can imitate you each day. I pray that I can spend time with you, watching and listening carefully for your direction. Amen

Faith Tip: Today listen carefully to what God will say to you. Imitate God in all you do.

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