What’s in your cart?

Apples are an all-American success story-each ...

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When I said, “My foot is slipping,” 
   your unfailing love, LORD, supported me. 
When anxiety was great within me, 
   your consolation brought me joy. – Psalm 94:18-19

While grocery shopping yesterday, I am always amazed at all the choices we have to put into our cart. The cereal aisle is a great example of this. If someone was to buy a different cereal each week, I bet it would take them over a year to get through them all. How about apples? How many different versions of apples are available on the market? I imagine more than the store has room to stock. It is truly a blessing to be able to put things in our carts to push around and take home with us.

In our spiritual journey, we also have a lot of choices of what we will put into our lives, push around and take home with us. While food focuses on our physical diet, the things in life focus on our spiritual diet. Not all things are good for us.

When we splurge on the unhealthy things of this world, we feel bloated and sick in our soul. The choices we make are crucial to our health. God is there to help us make better choices, or to pick us up out of the muck of our bad choices. Muck is the consequence of bad choices. Allow God to lead you away from the muck and to the green grass of life he has planned for you.

Prayer: Thank you, Jesus, for being there for me at all times. Even when I fail, you still love me and care for me. I pray that I follow you away from any muck that is positioning itself in my life. Amen

Faith Tip: Choose carefully each step of your faith journey so that you don’t slip into the muck.

2 thoughts on “What’s in your cart?

  1. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

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