Take your friend aside

Best Friends Forever

Image by wickenden via Flickr

He took the twelve aside . . . — Luke 18:31

My friend needed to share what was on her heart, so she took me aside so that we could privately talk. Her reality was challenging, and hearing it brought me into her experience where I could empathize with her. That’s what friends do. They feel each other’s pain in the journey. They also uphold each other in prayer. Sharing and prayer make for a rich relationship.

Jesus knew this. As he met with the 12 that were chosen, he shared his heart as they shared theirs. They prayed together and grew closer. Has God taken you aside to share his heart? Listening to him through reading his word and prayer will help the relationship between you two gets stronger. There is no earthly friend who is closer.

Prayer: Lord, I am so thankful that we share a rich relationship. I pray that I continue to seek you through the Bible and prayer to know more about you. You are my best friend. Amen

Faith Tip: Spend time with your friend today in the loving words he wrote and the loving things he has to speak to your heart.


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