Knitting together great designs

Hand knit mis-matched socks

For you created my inmost being;
   you knit me together in my mother’s womb. – Psalm 139:13

Ever since I saw the model socks displayed at the yarn store, I have been intrigued with handmade knitted socks. I don’t know if it is because of the unique look they have, the ability I now have to make socks that fit my “special” size (I am 6’1” after all), or just the idea that I am making them. I love to be able to show my love to others as I craft this designer footwear.

I wonder how God felt as he knitted us together. I am sure God enjoyed the uniqueness of each of us and knowing that he could show his love through these designed people. Every detail is perfect in the Lord’s creation…nothing has been missed. Appreciate the gift of these handcrafted knitted people as you come upon them today.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for creating me and others. It is delightful to see your handiwork done in so many beautiful ways. I pray that I can appreciate your work as I interact with others. Amen

Faith Tip: Discover the details of God’s work in you. Look for the details in others and appreciate them.

4 thoughts on “Knitting together great designs

  1. I love the picture and analogy of the knitted socks! We just studied Psalm 139 in our ladies’ group and I’m amazed that every time I read and study the passage how God shows me unique & wonderful things.

    blessings, Teresa Lasher

  2. My mother learned to knit at six. Her incentive was to make one pair for her dad and some for herself.– or he might not make her a pair of wooden shoes that year! The family was knitted together.
    When I read of the little motors that drive the celia which move the egg down the falopian tube, I am totally amazed at how our body is knitted together. They can rotate at over 10,000 RPM, stop in 1/4 turn, and go the other way. The egg has smaller cells stuck around it like lugs on snow tires. Remove them and the egg just spins and finally implants there so it is an ectopic pregnancy. How is that for being knit together?

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