Solid Rock Strength of God

Solid Rock

…but those who hope in the LORD
   will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
   they will run and not grow weary,
   they will walk and not be faint. – Isaiah 40:31

Last night was incredible! As the mighty men of Solid Rock ministries displayed their strength in busting bricks, bending iron, tearing through phone books (big ones) and rolling up a metal pan like it was tin foil, they displayed a stronger strength in standing on the foundation of Jesus Christ. The children and adults of Kids Hope were amazed as a shy little girl stood up by herself and walked over to the three huge bulking men for them to surround her in prayer. That is the strength of Jesus Christ demonstrated. His strength is mightier in you than you can ever imagine.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for the ways you show your strength and might in so many loving ways. I pray that I rely on your power rather than my own in all I do. Amen

Faith Tip: Have you been sitting on the fence regarding serving the Lord in some way because you feel you are inadequate? Take a dive into the power of Jesus and see what he can do through you.

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