Live out what you already are

Angel with Halo מלאכית עם הילה

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I am the LORD, who makes them holy. (Leviticus 21:23)

I want to be a good writer, so I study writing, go to writing conferences, network with other writers, purchase writing resources, and practice. While all of these things help me be a better writer, it does not guarantee that I will be a good writer. Good writing comes from within the person with a talent for communicating a message or a story. All writers are unique—there are no two exactly alike.

Being holy is another goal many of us would like to reach, but unlike writing, being holy is something God does and not us. We can strive to do things better, and follow Jesus closer, but that will not make us holy. Only God can do that. Jesus died on the cross to make us holy. He paid the price for our redemption. So although we cannot be made holy by what we do, we can live an expression of holiness in glory to God.

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for paying the price so that I could be made holy. I could never do it on my own. I pray that I express my gratitude to you by living a holy life in glorifying God. Amen

Faith Tip: You are set apart for God…made holy. What one thing can you do today that expresses holy living?

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