Helping those that suffer

Suffering People

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Peter… said to Jesus, “But Lord, what about this man?” Jesus said to him, “…what is that to you? You follow Me” (John 21:21-22)

Seeing someone struggle is tough. Many of us have a “fix it” mentality where we want to jump into the middle of the situation and make sure they don’t struggle at all. We truly need to restrain ourselves and pray about our involvement. What is God doing through their struggle? When we jump in to help, we sometimes are jumping in front of God’s will for that person and blocking his work. Sometimes we need to get to the end of ourselves through suffering to truly see what God is doing and learn to depend on him.

Please don’t mistake this for not helping others when called. That’s why it is so important to stay in connection with the Holy Spirit to discern what we are to do. There are times when it is very obvious that help is needed at the moment like if someone is outside freezing without a coat or food or someone is broke down on the highway.

Think about the times you had challenges in your life. What did God work in you through these challenges? Could you have grown as much as you did without the struggle?

Prayer: Lord, it’s hard to be thankful for the times we suffer, but your work in us through the suffering makes us thankful. You always have a purpose for us. I pray that I may discern where it is you want me to jump in. Amen

Faith tip: Pray for clear direction of where God wants you to jump in and help today.

4 thoughts on “Helping those that suffer

  1. I have a problem with the overall premise of your article but I still think its really informative. I really like your other posts. Keep up the great work. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks Hipsman.

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