God’s Play-Doh

Play dough

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We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. (Isaiah 64:8)

Play-Doh has been a favorite pastime of children for generations. I remember as a child making snakes, people, cookies or anything else that came to mind. I loved the different colors and sometimes mixed them. Nowadays, I see children in Kids Hope using Play-Doh to use their imaginations as they create different shapes. They have something in mind and work out their plan in making it.

We are like Play-Doh in the sense that God is the creator and has a plan that is perfect for us. God wants us to be “just so” for the plan to be worked out. He never squashes us flat to start all over again. He just patiently works on us molding us to where he wants us to be. It is different for each of us…that’s what makes it exciting and beautiful. The Great Artist bestows on us His great mastering of creation in a unique way in our lives.

Prayer: I praise you, God, for your great work in my life and the lives of all my brothers and sisters in the Lord. We are made perfectly for your purpose. I pray I allow you to change what needs to be changed in me for your glory. Amen

Faith tip: Play with some Play-Doh today and consider the parallel of how God is molding you.

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