Content Circumstances


Image by jon- via Flickr

Commit yourself to learning to be content whatever the circumstances (Phil. 4:11).

What happens when we get new furniture in the living room? We notice that the walls need painting, the carpet needs changing, new curtains…and the list goes on. Same thing when we buy a new outfit. This may lead to accessories needed for the outfit…maybe a new hairstyle. There’s nothing wrong with redoing things in our house, buying a new outfit, etc., but sometimes it can become a continual search to make our circumstances better where we are not content with what we currently have and feel we need more. There needs to be point where we can be content with what we have and to give our energy and resources to things of the kingdom.

Finding out what the void inside of us is in regards to contentment greatly helps us in realizing why we don’t feel contented. Being filled with the things that are eternal will bring long lasting contentment.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for all the things that you have given me…you are the great provider. I pray that if I am discontent in an area of my life, that your Holy Spirit will bring that to the forefront. Fill me with those things that bring everlasting contentment.

Faith tip: Take a good look at all that God has given you today and give him thanks.

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