First words

Immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue was loosed, and he began to speak, praising God. (Mark 1:64)

Human reactions are interesting to witness. Most reality shows are based on human reactions. The reaction of someone who is being surprised at a party is fun. Playing a harmless prank on someone is all about what their reaction will be. Someone who is just asked to be married has a memorable reaction. Of course, there are also negative and painful reactions as someone hits their thumb with a hammer, or someone is hurt by another’s words. Reactions are very human.

Zechariah was not able to speak during the pregnancy of his wife, Elizabeth, and until the circumcision of his son, John. That’s a long time. What would his first words be—what would be his reaction? He began by praising God. He could have been angry at God for not allowing him to talk. He could have focused on his predicament and talked about not being able to talk, but no, he just praises God. What begins in the heart is a reflection of our words.

What is our reaction throughout our day? Is it a reflection of what is in our heart? If we walk in the Spirit, our reactions will be more of the Spirit. Our praise is important to God, so let’s be mindful of giving God praise as often as possible. Let it be the first thing on our hearts, minds and lips.

Prayer: Lord, praising you is a joy. Today, I will keep praise to you as a goal. You are so worthy of all praise. Thank you for continually blessing me with your presence!

Faith tip: Look for opportunities today to praise God when the world would normally not be praising. What a great testimony that will be.

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