Believing the promises

Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!” (Mark 1:34)

We hear a lot of messages each day that we need to discern whether they can be believed or not. Politicians make promises, fisherman report “the one that got away,” advertisements promised popularity and success if you buy their product, and the list goes on. We live in a culture of unstable messages. It’s no wonder many find it hard to believe anything in totality and feel insecure about who they are and what value they hold. Where’s the proof?

The Bible gives us the message of God that has been proven over and over again. God has continually been faithful to all the messages given in the Bible that have been fulfilled and will be fulfilled. The biggest promise that was fulfilled was Jesus. God promised to make a way of salvation, and it was done. God’s word can be believed always.

When God tells of his love for you, you can believe it. When God says he will never leave or forsake you, you can believe it. When God says if we humble ourselves and seek him with a contrite heart, he will heal our land, we can believe it. God will not let you down.

Prayer: Creator God, thank you for being the one stable being that we can trust. When our faith waivers, encourage us with your word. Remind us of your great promises and the ways they have been fulfilled. Thank you for your greatest promise of Jesus! Amen

Faith tip: Look for the promises of God in the Bible and memorize them…one by one. These words will help you stand strong in the worst of storms in life.

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