First Choice

Scripture: “You shall have no other gods before me. (Deut. 5:7)

Making choices is something we face every day. Some are simpler than others. I enjoy making the choice of what flavor creation to order at Coldstone’s. This may be a difficult choice, but fun. Other choices are more difficult and important.

Throughout each day, we have choices whether to follow God or follow another god. We could spend time in prayer, or watch a favorite TV show or read a best seller. We could go where God leads us, or stay where we feel comfortable. We could trust God or trust money, our abilities, or other resources. It’s amazing how many gods we may have in our lives that we serve before we serve God. Take inventory and start throwing out the gods you don’t need leaving more room for the one true God.

Prayer: Dear Lord, forgive me when I have put some other god before you. May I “throw out” the gods that don’t matter, and give you more room in my life.

Faith tip: Take inventory this week of the cluttering gods in your life that are taking up room where God should be.

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