Following Fearlessly

They were on their way up to Jerusalem, with Jesus leading the way, and the disciples were astonished, while those who followed were afraid. (Mark 10:32)

This Scripture reminds me of the game Follow the Leader. The leader would travel through different areas and obstacles, and the followers had to do whatever the leader did. The further back a follower was from the leader, the less sure of what they were coming up to, which would make them feel insecure. The followers by the leader could see where they were going and what was coming up. They could sense the possibilities of the next move the leader may make and feel more secure being near the leader.

Isn’t that the way it is when we follow Jesus? Unless we stay close to the Leader, we feel unsure of what is happening. The disciples that were close to Jesus were astonished at all he did. Those that followed him further away were afraid. We can stay close through prayer. Communication with Jesus, the Leader, helps us feel more secure in our journey with the Leader. By following the commands of the Leader, we learn more about Jesus and can be astonished in all he does. Following from a distance leads to uncertainty and fear. Stay close to the Leader through daily prayer time…he desires you to stay close to him.

Prayer: Dear Lord, may we stick close to you each day following your steps. The journey you lead us on is full of moments of astonishment as you show us who you are.

Faith tip: Spend time with Jesus today and look for a moment of astonishment with Jesus. Praise God for it. Then be ready to experience the next one…and the next…and the next….continuing to praise God for each one.

2 thoughts on “Following Fearlessly

  1. I love the thought and the game follow the leader! Thank you for a neat concept. I teach the children at church and what a wonderful game and story so they can relate. They will always remember “follow the leader” game with a fresh perspective, be able to witness to others and live following Jesus. Thanks!

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